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  1. Do you provide a captain? Yes for groups with less than six people. For groups with more than six people (7-10), we provide a bareboating service. We can assist with locating a licensed captain for your time on the water. 

  2. What is the reservation process? Once you make your reservation request on, we will send the invoice and terms to your email. If we have questions regarding your reservation inquiry, we will follow up via email. Please confirm that your email is correct.

  3. What is the payment schedule? (a) initial deposit: 25% of the total charter fee is due two (2) days upon the receipt of the invoice, which confirms your reservation, (b) remaining balance is due eight (8) days after your deposit is made, and (c) for reservations submitted closer to the date of your cruise (or docked service), we reserve the right to adjust the payment schedule for earlier payment schedule or full payment. NOTE: Your reservation is confirmed once we receive your deposit of 25% of the total cost of the reservation

  4. What is the cancellation policy? There is a three-tier cancellation policy: (a) for inclement weather, (b) cancellation Policy per renters' request, or (c) cancellation Policy due to Noire Waters. NOTE: Please read the full cancellation policy here.

  5. What does Noire Waters provide for the cruise? Based on your selected package, Noire Waters will provide the items listed. Please review the featured packages prior to making your reservations. All packages include water, soda, ice, plates, cups, utensils, napkins, standard cleaning and trash disposal. Email if you have questions about what is included in your selected package.

  6. Can we bring food and beverages aboard? Yes, you may absolutely bring your own food and drinks! We discourage red wine and red beverages due to stains. For cruises less than 3 hours, we cannot accommodate large catered foods, only small plates and tapas. 

  7. Is there a sound system? We also have a sound system that has Bluetooth capability to connect your devices for music.

  8. What is the starting/ending location of the cruise? Once confirmed, we will provide the details of your starting location well in advance, which will be in the Washington D.C. area. The ending location will be the same as the start.

  9. Is there a restroom onboard? Yes, we have a head (bathroom).

  10. Is parking available? Street parking and paid parking are available. We strongly suggest carpooling as parking is limited.

  11. How do I reserve an experience on the water that is not listed? You may select "Curated Experience" in the reservation request, and we will contact you to identify how we can help collaborate for your ideal experience.

  12. Are there holiday rates? Yes, during the holiday weekends rates are subject to an additional minimum $100 hourly fee. 

Thank you for your questions!


Your inquiries helped create this FAQ. We will continue to update our FAQs as needed.

For unanswered questions, please email or Contact Us

-The Noire Waters Team

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